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 Meet Sethembile

I have been plus size for as long as I can remember. I remember in my early teens going shopping with my mother and having to shop for clothes in the adult section because the cool and age appropriate clothes I liked didn't fit .
I had the same experiences as a young adult. I felt like plus size options aged me and were made for older women.

I have always loved fashion from a young age but putting together an outfit meant I had to look at multiple stores just to find one thing.

Fast forward 2017 my sister and I decided to start a fashion brand for women like us who loved looking beautiful and were tired of compromising on style.

 Meet Nontsikelelo...

I have always loved fashion and dressing well .I remember however back in primary and high school when everyone would be excited about Civvies day I on the other hand hated it as my parents couldn't afford to buy us clothes but rather pay for uniform and school.It is there where I learnt to put outfits together from the clothes I could find at home whether a piece of item that belonged to my mother or the Christmas clothes we might have gotten that year. Little did I know this skill would come in handy one day...

 It was back then where I swore to myself that when I start working and get my first paycheck....the world was about to see the heat I was about to bring! I was about to be the best dressed wherever I was going to be! However Sis forgot she was plus size and has been for most of her life and that most brands don't cater for stylish plus size women. I have never been someone who compromises on style so this meant I would shop around and it felt like trying to mine for the trendy outfit I could find. This reminded me of my childhood of always having to make something out of nothing and for the longest time felt I had to lose the weight so I could fit into the the stylish clothes.

This frustration then gave birth to the brand Maria & Regina...

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