From the boardroom to the factory

From the boardroom to the factory

We are so excited to be writing our first blog post for the Maria and Regina website. It just made sense for us to write about our journey so far and how it all started. Our love for fashion and clothing started when we were younger, when we used to go sourcing for clothes with our mother who used to run her own small fashion business.

One of the reasons we started this fashion brand was because we were just tired of the struggle and frustration of never finding fashionable clothing in our size. In 2016 we decided to start small and have our garments made for all our trips, functions and events. We posted pictures on Social media and received great feedback.


During that time the frustration of working in corporate South Africa also grew. We felt like we did not belong and there was just more to life. We have however realised after we started this brand that it is important to be present in everything you do. It is important to work hard at your day job as much as you work hard on your dream. This is all part of your journey and your job is what will fund your dream.     


Our journey so far has been a challenge. Starting small is hard, as you have to manage relationships with fabric suppliers, manufacturers and customers. In the couple of months that we have started we have already had to deal with no availability of fabric or suppliers running out of fabric and also manufacturing delays, but we are learning and we are more determined to grow our business. Sometimes we feel like giving up but we always remember the reason why we started this business. We wanted to build an inclusive brand for women of all sizes to feel like they belong and to show the fashion retail industry that it is possible to have a brand that caters for all women. As women we have always wanted to find a clothing brand that sees us and understands the different shapes and sizes of women and caters for that,and Maria and Regina aims to be that to our fellow sisters!

We are so excited about this journey. We are working hard sorting out our supply chain to ensure that we continuously supply products to our tribe. We are also currently working on new and trendy garments and we would love to get feedback from our tribe. Please let us know what trends, fabrics and colours you want us to add to our future collections.


  • Lesliefug

    I love this store !!! Once I have discovered it for myself, I no longer waste time on shopping malls. There is no such assortment anywhere else! Moreover, it is being updated at a breakneck speed.

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