Behind the Brand

Founded by twin sisters, the Maria and Regina brand was birthed from the personal struggle of finding stylish and trendy clothing as plus size women.

These are some of the experiences of plus size women as seen on the internet

'Shopping for clothes made me want to lose weight'

'I have always been afraid of tucking in my shirt because I was scared of showing my fupa'

'Brands think plus size women don't have style or don't want to look sexy'

'Shopping for clothes always made me feel like I was not worthy of looking as good like my thin friends'

'I no longer want to wear clothes that hide my body and curves'

At Maria and Regina we are changing the narrative. Curvy women deserve to be sexy. Curvy women deserve quality, Curvy women deserve style. Curvy woman deserve luxury. We want to give you products that help you live this narrative out loud.

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